The energy behind DelstAsia, Steven Goh (Managing Director), believes in staying ahead of the times to safeguard the future of the business in what is an extremely competitive industry. By challenging industry norms and breaking new grounds, raising standards in feed technology with new concepts and solutions has become a constant with DelstAsia.

we drive innovation AND THE SCIENCE of optimizING feed to higher LEVELS OF nutrimental stability and value... THE INDUSTRY can access new CONCEPTS and solutions To DRIVE EFFICIENCY, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY

Our Challenge

There has to be a more sustainable way to securing good feed quality (from grains to processed feed) that minimises the need to control toxin-effects on feed and livestock with costly feed additives and antibiotics, that inevitably poses risks detrimental to human health.

In taking up the challenge to find solutions to this age-old industry problem, we have succeeded in bringing down feed costs and pushed processed feed quality to a level never seen before.

We believe the only way to answer the demands of the foreseeable decade and beyond is through a SUSTAINABLE APPROACH that brings quality to the consumer’s table with trusted business practice. An approach that is

  • economically viable in tackling rising feed costs

  • safe for livestock production

  • mindful towards livestock development

  • beneficial for the consumer

  • environmentally safe

Our Technology

Our pioneering patent-pending innovation of effective MASH HYDROLISATION brings feed processing and processed feed quality to a whole new level. An industry-first, the approach is diligently uncompromising in making critical improvements in HYGIENIC QUALITY, TECHNICAL QUALITY and NUTRITIONAL QUALITY in the processed feed.

MASH HYDROLISATION™ is an effective moisture-penetrating process that maximises starch gelatinization and denatures protein for better digestion of crucial amino acids, increasing the bioavailability of both micro- and macronutrients that help boost the immune system of the farm animal, to better care for it against infections.

Our pioneering FORENSIC FEED SCIENCE, a novel benchmarking lab process, provides distinct imaging with macro details for clear-cut evaluation of the processed feed quality. No more guessing and assumptions! It clearly shows up

  • the degree of starch gelatinisation

  • retrograded starch

  • Maillard reaction

  • poor intra particles bonding in the pellet formation

This science is vital to producing pellet feed with good pellet form, good nutrient value, good feeding value; and a pragmatic approach to antibiotic-free feed.

From GRAINS to GRAIN-STORAGE and PROCESSING OF FEED, our state-of-the-art DMX-7 compound, the only one of its kind in the market, is key to successfully managing and maintaining a hygienic, safe and technologically-advanced approach that stimulates high-grade quality throughout.

Our Future

For the next phase of growth, DelstAsia will be raising the bar in its business in three areas:

  • Research and Development

  • Information Dissemination

  • Production Automation and Integrity.

To meet these objectives, DelstAsia has invested in a 5-acre plot in Selangor Halal Hub (Westport), Malaysia, where it will locate its new factory and administrative headquarters.

The modern complex will be fitted with bigger and better production capacity and capabilities, to cater for business expansion and the facilitating of production quality of premium standard. The new Production and Supply Chain will adopt the IR 4.0 management tracking technology, and will be compliant with the highest Food Safety Standards.

The new facility will also house an auditorium with a 120-seat capacity. It will be the perfect setting for realising the company’s vision of providing training and education in the technologies of Grain Storage, Feed Processing, Animal Nutrition and Animal Science. The complex will also provide a confluence and venue for academicians and industry players to meet and share information. Thus, the name that befits its worth: DelstAsia Centre of Excellence.

The DelstAsia Centre of Excellence will be ready by 2022, and will help the company fulfil its role on the global stage, via its showcase of significant contributions to the Feed and Livestock Industry.

An artist impression of the DelstAsia Centre of Excellence that will support its next phase of growth into the future

DelstAsia Headquarters


DELST IS THE MANUFACTURER OF DMX-7. The company’s core business is centred around this revolutionary food-grade grain and feed conditioner, based on a patented moisture management concept. It catalyses safe water activity in the system (the material) to maintain freshness, and guards against microorganic spoilage. DMX-7 is a pioneering technology in food safety management. The concept behind DMX-7 contributes significantly to keeping quality of feed intact during handling, storage and transit; and over longterm grain storage of up to a year without spoilage and degradation.

The company pioneered the engineering of a saturated steam generating piping system and introduced a methodology for improving feed pelleting. It effectively cooks the raw starch fractions for good pellet formation, prevents the destruction and degradation of valuable micronutrients, and seals the feeding value of a well-formulated feed. The patented methodology encompasses all areas of sciences that contribute positively to feed pelleting for the best compromise on production efficiencies, pellet quality, feed quality and feeding values.

Delst has an outstanding record of achieving the successful preservation of food grain/ingredients/raw materials etc., in regions with challenging tropical climates as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. We have helped some of the biggest names in the industry in extremely ambitious undertakings, to store/transport/export grains and their ingredients without shrinkage-loss, mold and pest infestation. The ability to maintain nutrients and freshness of grains/ingredients over a long period of time with maximum permissible moisture certainly offers an exciting opportunity for the global grain & feed industry.

Our experience and know-how offer industry players a pathbreaking platform they can step up to, and avail their business operations to more options and new possibilities.